Anthony Kiedis was definitely one "red hot" Chili Pepper Friday in Philadelphia, as he and a lady friend were turned away upon returning to their hotel by a security guard. Things got a little testy as Kiedis was trying to enter the Four Seasons and was told that he was not allowed.

What ensued was a brief scuffle between Kiedis and the security guard after a case of mistaken identity. The guard was reportedly keeping the area clear and did not immediately recognize the singer. When the man would not allow Kiedis through, a shoving match ensued before more hotel security arrived to sort things out.

Paparazzi were shooting as Kiedis headed back to the hotel and captured footage of the incident for TMZ. The site alleges that the guard was working for the Rolling Stones, who were emerging from the hotel around the same time that Kiedis was approaching, but they've been unable to determine who exactly employed the guard. A rep for the Four Seasons in Philadelphia denied the guard was one of their employees and a source close to the Rolling Stones claims the guard didn't work for them either.

After Kiedis and the man were pulled apart, things calmed down and they spoke briefly without further physical confrontation. Kiedis later told TMZ, "I love the Rolling Stones," without any comment about the altercation. Watch the confrontation here.

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