"I hope it doesn't bum anyone out that I am doing this, but I actually like football," Red Fang bassist Aaron Beam told Noisecreep. On the stoner rock surface, it's easy to imagine Beam not letting loose by watching football. But don't judge a bassist by his press shot. We all know what he'll be dohing this Sunday.

So who's Beam's Super Bowl pick? The Steelers. "Because everyone thinks the Packers are going to win, and I love underdogs. But really, because on paper the teams seem pretty evenly matched, but once you get to the Super Bowl it is about performing under pressure."

He continued, "Ben Rothlisberger and the rest of the Steelers have a proven track record of being able to rise to the challenge when they need to (and have won a couple Super Bowls already). Whereas Aaron Rogers and most of the Packers are brand new to this. I am excited by this matchup, because Pittsburgh and Green Bay are the two cities most closely linked

with their teams. So it's going to be intense!"

Beam also predicted a close call finish. Or at least he's hoping for one with "some kind of miracle pass and run defense."

Red Fang's riff-soaked Relapse debut, 'Murder the Mountains,' comes out April 12.