Red Fang have always taken great pride in their music videos, making it an entertaining medium for fans. Now, they're taking the next step in music video evolution, turning their clip for "Antidote" into the world's first music video / video game that you can play.

The "Antidote" clip also serves as an app written and directed by Wieden+Kennedy creative Ansel Wallenfang, giving the player a chance to headbang their way to music glory.

The app is titled Red Fang: Headbang and you can current get it for both Android and iOS using your smartphone or tablet. Check out the link for the app for the GooglePlay store here and the App store here.

The title of the app pretty much gives away the game play as the player must headbang their way throughout the game or risk letting the Red Fang band members die. There are also three alternate endings for the gameplay, which is styled after '90s-era arcade gaming.

Red Fang: Headbang is a culmination of everything I’ve wasted my life on—metal, arcades and a warped sense of humor. It’s really a love letter to my childhood and all the things that make me, me,” says Wallenfang. “When it comes to metal, headbanging is the thing. It wasn’t just interactive for interactive’s sake, so it was an idea I couldn’t let go of. I’m beyond lucky to work at a place that is so supportive. They really helped make my weird vision into what I knew it could be."

While Red Fang may star in the game, other metal luminaries had a hand in the game coming together, with metal comedian Brian Posehn and High on Fire's Matt Pike serving as consultants, while the game's intro and outro music was written by composer Disasterpiece.

Red Fang's Bryan Giles is thrilled with his band's association with this project, stating, "When Ansel Wallenfang first approached us with his video concept we all thought he was crazy! A year or so later we still think he’s crazy, but the video turned out amazing! We’re over the moon about it!”

Delve a little further into the Red Fang: Headbang world with a leader board, gaming strategies and more located at the game's website and check out a trailer for the game below.

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