Many hails to Ohio band Rebreather, who helped save a Youngstown venue through an ingenious pay-it-forward pizza scheme.

Westside Bowl is a bowling alley, music venue and carryout eatery that saw the great majority of its cash flow dry up once the COVID-19 pandemic struck. In a show of support for their town’s local venue, Rebreather offered to buy 10 pizzas for the next 10 customers. The act of good will ignited a chain reaction at Youngstown Bowl, allowing the venue to give away over 3,000 pizzas in one year.

“Next to me are Barley and Steve, both from Rebreather,” Youngstown Bowl owner Nate Offerdahl begins in a Facebook video. “Today is exactly one full year from they day when they walked in and said, ‘Hey we wanna buy pizza for the next 10 people.’ And then we had a bunch of people jump on after that and as of last month, we have given away more than 3,000 pizzas.”

He continues, “To commemorate that, Barley and Steve are both here on behalf of their band Rebreather and their label Aqualamb Records to pay for the next 20 pizzas for the next 20 people. Thank you everyone who donated over the last year, you have kept us open. We would most definitely not have made it through if it wasn’t for the generosity of the entire community.”

According to Mahoning Matters, Westside Bowl has roughly 200 pizzas that are prepaid and looking for local stomachs, so if you want some free grub and would like to pay it forward in the name of music and community, head over to Westside Bowl.

“Youngstown is a tough town, and we’ve been through tough times before,” Offerdahl says. “I know that we’re going to come out the back end of this a better place.”

Rebreather also just dropped a cover of Porno for Pyros’ “Pets,” which you can check out below. [via Metal Injection]

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