When it comes to death metal musicians, the dichotomy between art and real life could be measured in light years. Though brutal, gory and unapologetically violent onstage, the great majority of death metal musicians are teddy bears, racking up wholesome moments like kills in a horror flick.

Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg is a brutal guttural artist with viking blood raging through his veins. He’s also a wonderful ice skater, as displayed on an NHL sportscast. On a frozen lake in Sweden, Hegg showed off his best one foot glide, blazing across the ice with the grace of an Olympic ice dancer.

If you’re ever at a Target and see a giant man with a ponytail filling his cart with clearance items, go get yourself a selfie with Corpsegrinder. With an unmatched love for Disney and kids toys, the Cannibal Corpse brute is one of the most wholesome artists on the planet, as proven by a Metal Injection video. After playing with some yapping dog toys, Corpsegrinder goes ham on LEGOs, claiming he’d buy every single one if they were on clearance.

Of course, we’d be remise to exclude the Godfather of Death Metal from this list. Chuck Schuldiner was a bonafide animal lover, especially when it comes to cats. The Death legend even made sure to wear wholesome cat shirts on TV with the intent to smash any stigma of death metal musicians being abusive or cruel to animals.

Watch these 10 Death Metal Musicians Being Wholesome af in the Loud List below!

Death Metal Musicians Being Wholesome af

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