Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe is still languishing in Pankrac Prison in the Czech Republic, facing manslaughter charges. But the singer's wife Cindy flew to the country to visit him, which likely provided a boost to his spirits as he navigates this trying, confusing situation. Mrs. Blythe demonstrated compassion for the victim, but heralded her husband's innocence in this matter.

Blythe, facing manslaughter charges stemming for an incident in May 2010 in which a fan, 19, bumrushed the stage multiple times, was subsequently pushed off, sustained bleeding on the brain and later died from his injuries, posted $200,000 bail. However, in accordance which Czech procedure, he remains incarcerated at the behest of the prosecutor, who opposes his release.

Cindy Blythe spoke to reporters outside of the prison. She was overjoyed to see her husband, saying, "It was really good to see him. I miss him very much and I really hope... that we'll be together again soon. So this was a special day, getting to see him."

Randy's missus expressed her sympathy for the fan who died, while proclaiming her husband's innocence in the same breath. She continued, "I think it's terrible what happened - that the kid lost his life and his family lost him - but I believe he is innocent. That's what I believe."

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