Almost anyone who can sing can get onstage with a band and perform, but what does it take to really be a good frontman? Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe shared his two cents during a discussion on the Stoke the Fire podcast earlier this month.

The dynamic of the conversation was interesting because the podcast is hosted by DJ Matt Stocks and Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach, so there was already a singer participating. But, Blythe offered another perspective on what he thinks the qualities of a really good frontman truly are.

"There are guys in their closet with their YouTube rig or in their garage who can outsing either fucking one of us. There is no doubt about it, man. They have more talent, natural talent, in their little pinky than either of us," Blythe affirmed. "But the difference is, I think one of the main requirements to be a frontman, a good frontman — actually the only requirement probably, I mean, you've gotta have some talent — is a willingness to get up in front of people and make an idiot out of yourself and be really bad for a while until you become good."

Leach laughed and agreed with Blythe, adding that he knows "very well" what it's like to be in that position himself. The Lamb of God frontman then elaborated that natural talent doesn't matter if you aren't delivering a good show and bonding with the audience.

Check out the full chat below.

Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage are currently out on a co-headlining tour together that will see Baroness, Suicide Silence, Motionless in White, Spiritbox, Animals as Leaders and Fit for an Autopsy serve as the opening acts throughout it. The next show is scheduled for tonight (Sept. 13) in Youngstown, Ohio. Get tickets for the tour here, and check out some incredible shots of Lamb of God from the tour opener last week in Brooklyn, N.Y. at this location.

Lamb of God's upcoming album Omens will be out Oct. 7, and can be pre-ordered now on Lamb of God's website.

Lamb of God's Randy Blythe - What It Takes to Be a Good Frontman

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