There's more news regarding the Randy Blythe saga. The Lamb of God singer, who was arrested on manslaughter charges at the Prague airport last week (June 27) for an 2010 incident (check out video footage of the moment below) in which an onstage altercation with a fan lead to said fan's death two weeks later, will remain incarcerated in Pankrac Prison in Prague in the Czech Republic for the next 10 days.

The news that Blythe, 41, will remain behind bars was reported on Czech news site, translated by Blabbermouth. Even though the singer posted bail in the $200,000 range last week, which he claimed equaled a year's worth of income, he remains in jail.

Blythe may not be able to return home despite posting bail, either.

Judge Petr Fassati of Prague 8 district court stated, "There may well be certain conditions placed upon release, such as staying in the Czech Republic, or the availability of a specific address. If the conditions are violated, it could lead to an international arrest warrant being issued."

Blythe stands accused of manslaughter, as reports indicate that 19-year-old Daniel N. died of bleeding on the brain two weeks after an onstage scrum with Blythe on May 24, 2010. What exactly happened during their face off remains unclear.

The crime carries a punishment of 10 years in prison.

Watch Footage of the 2010 Prague Incident

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