Over the summer, it was revealed that Randy Blythe's sister-in-law Bianca was battling Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer, with the Lamb of God singer asking fans to assist in any way they could through a GoFundMe page her friends had set up. Now, a Grammy medallion which used to belong to the frontman is being auctioned off to help raise funds -- and it's the second time the medal has been used for such a positive cause.

Posting to his official Instagram page, Blythe says he originally auctioned off the medallion -- which is given to Grammy nominees -- to help with Muscular Dystrophy research. Now, the item is back up for bid, this time to help with Bianca's expenses.

“Years ago, I auctioned off my first Grammy medallion (the one for 'Redneck') to benefit Myontonic Muscular Dystrophy research, a disease my friend @toddbstone’s two sons had been diagnosed with," Blythe says. "11 years later, Todd is auctioning it back off to benefit my sister-in-law Bianca’s GoFundMe to help pay for her breast cancer treatment. – what an amazing dude you are, Todd!”

Despite the Tiffany & Co. crafted medallion being successfully auctioned off the first time around, the winner decided to give the piece back to Todd's children. Now, he's paying it forward.

"In 2007, Randy auctioned this Grammy medallion to raise money for Myotonic Dystrophy research, with which my children had recently been diagnosed," Stone says on the eBay page where he is holding the auction. In the final seconds of the Ebay auction, “D. Gerawan; Fresno, California” swept in with double the prior bid to win the item. Despite being a Lamb of God fan, Mr. Gerawan gave the item back to my kids. I told Randy what Gerawan had done and he called Mr. Gerawan to express his gratitude. Months later when Lamb of God was on tour in California, Randy contacted Gerawan again and invited him to be his guest at their show and to meet the other band members on the tour bus."

"This original medallion has since been professionally framed & matted," Stone continues. "Now I’m auctioning it to raise money for Randy’s 'sister' (his brother’s wife) who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The proceeds will go to help Randy’s sister with the enormous medical expenses her family faces via her GoFundMe page."

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, triple negative breast cancer can be more aggressive and difficult to treat and is more likely to spread and recur. It occurs in about 10 to 20 percent of diagnosed breast cancers. Common cancer treatments typically prove ineffective, though chemotherapy is one of the options to help fight it.

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