Bad news for Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe.

Blythe, who has been held in a prison in the Czech Republic for the past month and faces manslaughter charges in the death of a fan (Daniel N., 19) who reportedly had an onstage altercation with Blythe in 2010 and subsequently died from brain injuries, has been denied bail by the prosecutor. For now.

Blythe had posted a total of $400,00 in bail money yet remains in jail. While a person can be released from custody upon posting bail in the U.S., the system is not the same in the Czech Republic. Prosecutors can detain the defendant while they protest bail, which is what happened in Blythe's case.

The Gauntlet
broke the news that the prosecutor has denied the bail following a presentation of court documents yesterday (July 24) in the Prague Municipal Court. The court accepted the bail but the prosecutor protested and issued a challenge today (July 25.)

The prosecutor will meet with the judge on July 27 to state the reasons for the bail denial. The judge will have five days to rule on the denial and another five days to have the decision published to the court. At that point, the judge's ruling will be final.

However, if charges are not formally filed, Blythe will be free to leave the country without conditions related to his bail.

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