Rammstein's Till Lindemann has opened an erotic online store called Doctor Dick where the musician sells, among other items, a sex toy called a "Tilldo." It's a vibrator inspired by the rocker's stage microphone.

That's not a surprising turn for the Rammstein singer whose music, with both his principal outfit and his namesake side project, has proven to be quite titillating. But who'd have guessed one would be able to possess their very own Lindemann vibrator, stashed away in a bedside drawer?

According to the vibrator's product description, the completely handmade "Tilldo" is for (translated from German) "vaginal perfection and anal correspondence." It's intended to impart "the spirit for the feeling of being completely filled, of being aroused everywhere at the same time."

Another commodity for sale on the Doctor Dick webshop is a bottled alcoholic beverage called Golden Shower by Till Lindemann. The 11% ABV libation is a "flavored sparkling drink with gold leaf."

Elsewhere on the site, some more standard items are also available for purchase: Doctor Dick-branded T-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags, sandals and socks. But there's also Doctor Dick condoms, a "dick necklace" and even some phallic (and NSFW) art pieces made and signed by Lindemann.

Perhaps it's the downtime resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic that's inspired Lindemann to make and sell sex toys. Next year, however, Rammstein should be back in action: The group's already announced 2021 North American tour dates and revealed they were back in the studio.

Rammstein fans are likely aware of Lindemann's preoccupation with sex. Not only does the German heavy metal band have songs with unmistakably blunt titles such as "Sex" and "Pussy," but the lead singer has even made music videos that could be adult films with his solo project.

Check out all of what Doctor Dick has on offer at doctordick.de.

Lindemann isn't the only rock singer to have a custom sex toy fashioned after his image. A couple of years ago, Marilyn Manson released his own official dildo.

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