Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is releasing an eight-song digital EP titled 'Union Town' on May 17th. All profits from the EP will benefit The America Votes Labor Unity Fund via SaveWorkers.org. The digital release will be followed by both a CD release and a vinyl pressing on July 19th.

The EP features five classic pro-union tunes as well as three Morello originals. The EP includes cover of Woody Guthrie's American classic, 'This Land is Your Land.' Of course, Morello includes the song's more radical, oft-omitted verses in his version. You can sample the title track, with its squealing opening riff, handclaps, and fraternal singalong here.

The catalyst for the EP was a February Nightwatchman performance in Madison, Wisconsin, which was part of a protest of an anti-union bill. "Performing in Madison, Wisconsin and seeing 100,000 people in the streets demanding justice inspired me to record an album of union fighting songs," said Morello. "I've been a proud union man for 22 years and my mom was a union public high school teacher, so for me this fight is very personal. Unions are a crucial counterweight to the raw corporate greed that torpedoed our economy threatens our environment and wants to strip away decades of social progress. From Cairo to Madison, workers are pushing back and tyrants are falling. Here's a soundtrack for our fight."

The America Votes Labor Unity Fund supports the unified efforts of a broad coalition of national labor organizations to defend workers and their unions against state legislation, ballot measures, and executive orders that will undermine or destroy their rights. The America Votes Labor Unity Fund accepts donations from labor organizations and individuals who donate on their own behalf.

Morello will also release 'World Wide Rebel Songs,' his third full length under The Nightwatchman moniker, in late summer via New West Records.

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman 'Union Town' track listing:

1. Union Town

2. Solidarity Forever

3. Which Side Are You On?

4. A Wall Against The Wind

5. 16 Tons

6. This Land Is Your Land

7. I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night

8. Union Song (Live - Capitol Square, Madison, Wisconsin Feb. 21st, 2011)

Watch the video for 'Road I Must Travel'

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