It's been a decade since the reformed and revitalized Rage Against the Machine took to a stage in their home of Los Angeles, but it should be no surprise that what brings the rap-rockers back is to raise awareness and funds in protest of Arizona's immigration law.

The bill, known as SB 1070, is to be made into a state law tomorrow, despite having seven lawsuits trying to block its implementation. "We wanted to galvanize the musical troops," RATM guitarist Tom Morello said in interview the night of the show, July 23. "Los Angeles is our home town and we're boycotting Arizona so we sure as hell aren't gonna play there."

The foursome played a set focusing on their eponymous 1992 debut adding in other fan favorites and a cover of the Clash song 'White Riot.' As would be expected the crowd was filled with fans well behind the band's stance. Chants of "F--- Arizona" didn't take much to overtake over the Palladuim.

Like many who are opposed to the law the members of RATM have voiced SB 1070 is a form of racial profiling that will end with people being treated as suspects rather than citizens. Morello describes the law as a "thinly veiled soft core apartheid."

$400,000 was reportedly raised to go to immigrants' rights organizations such as the Florence Project and Puente, Ariz.

Rage Against the Machine set list



'People of the Sun'

'Know Your Enemy'

'Bulls on Parade'

'Township Rebellion'

'White Riot'

'Bullet in the Head'

'Calm Like a Bomb'

'Guerrilla Radio'

'Sleep Now in the Fire'

'Wake Up'


'Killing in the Name'