Late last year it appeared the future of Rage Against the Machine was in doubt, but there is a ray of hope that we might see the band again someday as organizers for the L.A. Rising music festival revealed that a 2014 edition was in the works.

This is significant as the L.A. Rising show was organized and put on by Rage Against the Machine in 2012. Last year's edition featured Rage Against the Machine sharing the stage at the Los Angeles Coliseum with Muse, Rise Against, Lauryn Hill, Immortal Technique and El Gran Silencio for one massive day of rock.

In a new posting at the L.A. Rising Facebook page, it states, "Plans for L.A. Rising 2014 are underway. August 2014 may seem distant, but the road to L.A. Rising will not be barren. More info to come…"

Late last year, guitarist Tom Morello let fans know the band's future was in doubt, explaining in an interview, "Whether or not we ever play music again in any capacity is unknown. I'm grateful for the music we played together and thank goodness the cameras were rolling."

At the time, Morello was expressing his frustrations that a more extensive live support of the band's 20th anniversary of their debut disc was not happening. He went on to add, "Once a year, the band meets and very seriously discusses and turns down awesome offers to tour the world. That's part of the program."

Even with his frustrations over the lack of touring with his bandmates, the guitarist concluded, "I love them. I consider them brothers and brothers-in-arms."

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