In the wake of the unrest and riots that broke out in the UK for a period of four days last week after a police shooting in London, Rage Against the Machine guitarist, the always politically conscious and outspoken Tom Morello,has predicted that more riots will ensue unless there is a sweeping political change in the world.

Morello pointed out to Kerrang! that disaffected youth will continue to rise up unless governments change the way they manage themselves and the countries they are supposed to lead.

"It's a time of global unrest because the poor and the working class have clearly had enough," Morello declared. "The world is not in the hands of people who deserve to run it and as long as the profit motive continues to be the political priority, the gap between rich and poor is going to grow, as will the unrest." That's a succinct way to make a rather larger global point. However, when this type of unrest festers amongst the youth, it often results in a musical boom that defines an era and a generation.

Morello also explained that the rioting is merely a case of cause and effect. "When people have a bright future to look forward to, they don't riot in the streets," he reasoned. "Rioting is the expression of those staring into the abyss and it can't be disassociated from the global situation we've witnessed in Spain, Greece, or the Arab world over the past 18 months."

He also said that he is not surprised by the riots, since "international poverty has been a powder keg ready to blow."

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