How well do you know your thrash history trivia? After you take this quiz, we'll find out what you really know... or don't know!

Like so many branches on metal's family tree, the thrash offshoot spawned a handful of very different scenes around the globe, most notably on the east and west coasts of America, in Germany and Brazil. Meanwhile, a handful of groups were raising Hell in Canada, though their scene was not as unified by a common sound like other pockets elsewhere around the globe.

The quiz below will test your knowledge on lineups, band name changes, geography and, regarding Anthrax, one question keeps it in the family, challenging you to name which member drummer Charlie Benante is the uncle of.

See? We've got a bit of everything designed to sort out who the real thrash maniacs are and who needs to brush up on their metal history just in case Rock & Roll Jeopardy! ever makes its return to TV and you try to make a run on that cash prize.

How Well Do You Know Your Thrash History Trivia?

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