A masked vigilante is heroically delivering free essentials to the people of Manchester, England during the coronavirus pandemic. Music producer and activist Outlaw has been going door-to-door with toilet paper, sanitizer, bottled water and marijuana while blasting music from his van.

Outlaw has given away free weed in the past, getting detained by Manchester police in a 2019 video. He’s stepped up his game in 2020, however, going straight to people’s homes instead of setting up shop in a park.

He’s not shy with advertising himself, either. Driving a white van, Outlaw has been blasting Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” while brandishing a giant sign reading “Free Isolation Essentials: Toilet roll, sanitizer, bottled water, mini grinders, raws, pre rolls, bud.” According to the masked producer, he’s already given out 300 packs of toilet paper.

Outlaw actually grew, cropped and dried the weed himself in preparation for a tour, which was canceled due to coronavirus prevention measures. “We had a ‘4/20 Smoke Tour’ planned, and we were going to give out some weed, but then the virus came about,” Outlaw tells VICE. “So we got some other stickers printed, put them up on the van and ordered a load of stuff. Since we started it's been cannabis-based, giving out weed and that. Then we moved onto more helping people in need and the homeless. I'm quite passionate about it – I don't like seeing people in need when realistically there's plenty of everything to go around.”

Watch Outlaw deliver the goods in the clip below. Fans looking to donate to Outlaw can do so via his official website.

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