Jason Suecof has been the "It" producer for a handful of years, having manned the boards for Trivium, All That Remains and God Forbid, to name a precious few. Suecof, whose base of operations is in Florida, gave Noisecreep the rundown on what's he's doing, how he chooses bands and life from a sitting down perspective, since he's been wheelchair-bound (and has an excellent sense of humor about it) since he was young.

"I'm currently working with the 'girls' from Evergreen Terrace and just finished with the 'ladies' from Black Dahlia Murder and Job For a Cowboy," Suecof told Noisecreep, with his tongue planted in his cheek. He claims that he takes on projects based on personal taste, bands contacting him and the help of his manager.

Suecof's services are in demand among fledgling and established metallions, something he attributes to many strange things. "Over the years, I have ingested multiple servings of Fettuccine Alfredo and shrimp scampi, which has supplied me with terrific man boobs.," Suecof jokes. "But I just lost 70 pounds, which cut my cup size down tremendously and induced a new fear within me that bands will no longer even look at or want to talk to me. Maybe people think I have sexy legs. I just don't know." See what we mean about a warped sense of humor? Suecof also said he has learned "what it's like to live with five men for a month and how to cut down on sleeping" in his work with bands.

In addition to twiddling knobs, Suecof plays in several bands, including Crotchduster, Capharnaum and Charred Walls of the Damned with Richard Christy of the 'Howard Stern' show, that latter of which he will play guitar for. "I look forward to waking up to Richard every day, hearing his sweet voice asking me if I'd like a Publix sub," Suecof mused.

When it comes to his handicap, Suecof is living proof that laughter, especially at yourself, is an incredible salve. "These legs," he said. "It's like babysitting two mute flesh puppets that forget to tell you if they are bleeding. Other than that, I'm everyone's crippled fantasy. That's how I see it, so come and get some."

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