In these times of coronavirus, humans in isolation need to grasp onto whatever entertainment they can. For some, the Twitter feed of Trapt has provided such entertainment, with vocalist Chris Taylor Brown lashing out at people for days at a time.

The Trapt frontman has been defending President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, criticizing the “victim mentality” of African Americans and justifying the relevancy of his band to all comers, sending hundreds of tweets over the span of, at the time of this posting, four days.

Now, Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale has jumped into the mix, extending a challenge to Trapt in the name of charity:

i bet my band out draws yours in your own home town @TRAPTOFFICIAL. want to put it to the test? two shows, different venues, same night. loser donates their entire guarantee to a charity of the winners choosing. @powertriptx is the band. step up or be labeled COWARDS.

Brown simply responded, “You don’t sell tickets to anything….” prompting one Power Trip fan to share a photo of the band playing to a packed house

Gale wouldn’t allow his initial tweet to be brushed off:

sounds like you’re scared to play the game. is this where i drop the sell out figures from our headlining tours, or our high presale numbers from everywhere else? how about hometown? don’t even get me started on walk up numbers. you’ve already lost, but pick your poison, nerd.

One fan called out Trapt for playing to just 12 people while Power Trip filled the place up, which may or may not be true.

Riley once again responded:

don’t respond to them. respond to me. put your money where your mouth is, bitch. oh that’s right, you’re probably broke from delusional fantasies of real success. my bad. we could just make it an easy $20 wager, if that helps?

Brown most recently replied to an earlier thread:

Buddy your band is never going to do anything ever. You will forever be scraping by. This is why you are a Bernie bitch

that’s weird, i’d call countless US headliners and european tours and getting flown to indonesia for the 1st time last year just to headline a festival of 8k+ people is more than “anything”. but keep avoiding the challenge, pal. cuz ya know you’ve already lost.

We’re sure this back-and-forth will continue, so head over to their Twitter account if you’re interested in seeing more. As for Power Trip, they’re in the studio working on the follow-up to Nightmare Logic, which Loudwire named 2017’s Metal Album of the Year.

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