New York thrashers Extinction A.D. dropped their killer third album, 'Culture of Violence,' earlier this year and to help shine a light on something other budding new age thrash bands, we invited vocalist/guitarist Rick Jimenez to open up the pit by naming the 10 Best Thrash Debut Albums of the Last 10 Years (2013-2022). Okay, you're up, Rick!

Extinction A.D. officially formed in 2013, but thrash has been my favorite sub-sect of metal since I first started reading metal magazines after Metallica’s …And Justice For All came out and understood there even were different sub-sects of metal.

When it comes to "what's thrash and what's not;” it’s been an ongoing van debate. We even did a two-part podcast during the pandemic-lockdown era where we held a tournament to find out our favorite thrash record ever. It was actually more of an excuse to slam each other on the internet and argue about what didn’t fit the genre tag. I’m less strict with my guidelines than others, so that may show in my list here.

As far as debuts, I stuck with the rule of full length albums as opposed to EP’s, and that's the only reason Long Island’s own thrash flag bearers Electrocutioner aren’t listed here.

Get your copy of Extinction A.D.'s 'Vulture of Violence' album here and follow the band on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify. Check out the band's song "Mastic" directly below and see Rick Jimenez's picks further down the page!

Extinction A.D., "Mastic" Music Video

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Best Thrash Debuts of the Last 10 Years (2013-2022)

by Extinction A.D.'s Rick Jiminez

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