Pop Evil have just signed with eOne to release their album 'War of Angels,' which was tabled by Universal Music Group earlier this year. 'War of Angels' will finally see the light of day on July 5th. To publicly announce their split from Universal, singer Leigh Kakaty tore up the band's Universal recording contract while on stage at Rock on the Range festival two weeks ago.

Kakaty spoke to Noisecreep after the eOne announcement, diplomatically refraining from speaking ill of his former label. "[Universal] didn't see the same vision for our band as we did," he said. "It was a lot of reasons -- it could have been money, finance, the industry. The more years go by, the less money labels want to spend on rock music in general. I get that. Unless you are Lady Gaga, no one cares. Those artists bring in quick amounts of money, but look at bands like Poison and Tesla, who are still playing all these years later."

Overall, Pop Evil are thrilled about this new chapter in the band's history. Clearly happy with his band's new home, Kakaty said that he has received more emails from eOne staff in the past week than he has from any record label at any point in his career.

Kakaty also spoke directly to the fans who have waited patiently for 'War of Angels' to come out. "We want to apologize to them, but thank them at the same time," Kakaty said. "It was out of the band's control. If it were up to us, it'd have been out. They think they are frustrated, but trying being the band, wanting it out since last summer! Timing is everything, and it feels like it's our time now."

Watch a video of Kakaty disposing of his old record deal in front of a festival crowd