Pop Evil have just unleashed their latest video 'Deal With the Devil' via iHeart Radio (watch above). It's the follow-up to their first number one single 'Trenches' from the album 'Onyx,' which was released in May.

Here's what drummer Chachi Riot has to say about 'Deal With the Devil:' "Life can be wonderful, but life can also be extremely merciless. How do we deal with these hard times? Who do we have to deal with? Our decisions have consequences."

The video takes a subject that has been covered a lot in music and gives it a different twist with visuals you might not expect. "It's exciting to finally get the opportunity to release a song with a music video, " says vocalist Leigh Kakaty. "We worked really hard to come up with a visual that captures the energy of the song as well as taking the imagery to a new high."

'Deal With the Devil' is part two of a three part video trilogy. It's going in reverse order, with 'Trenches' being the final installment. Part one will feature the song ‘Behind Closed Doors,’ completing the storyline that revolves around addiction and abuse.

Pop Evil are currently on tour, and will hook up with Papa Roach for a month's worth of Canadian shows in October.

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