If you are a NASCAR fan, chances are you've heard Pop Evil's new single, 'Last Man Standing.' The song title shares its sentiments with the racing organization's overarching theme, and is a perfect fit. And, of course, that's why they've decided to use it.

"The song has such a driving, heavy riff and it has a sense of urgency that NASCAR community likes," singer Leigh Kakaty told Noisecreep about the track, which will appear on the band's forthcoming album, 'War of Angels,' which is due out next year.

Pop Evil also recently partnered up with UFC warrior Frank Muir, who used the song in preparation for a bout. It's clear that Pop Evil craft 'dude type' music that appeals to rock fans who like their music to help push the adrenaline through their veins.

"We have sports mentality, and the song is kind of about what the music business is going through," Kakaty explained. "There is so much music out there these days, so you have to rise above and you have to be the last man standing. You have to be competitive."

That's not all chest-puffing on Kakaty's part, either. He points out that Pop Evil's music isn't meat-headed fury. "Sure, there is lots of masculine anger and frustration, but it's controlled at the same time," he reasoned. "If you think you are good, you have to prove it. You have to write the songs that connect with people. And our songs have anger and urgency, so a lot of athletes relate. Frank was relating to it and was walking out to the song as his theme music."

While Pop Evil's sports branding opens up the band to a whole new audience, Kakaty himself went to school on a basketball scholarship and followed his hometown Detroit Pistons. He was also a finalist for Mr. Basketball in Michigan and placed 10th. His career was cut short, though, thanks to a knee injury he sustained. "I was a Canadian citizen and was dual at the time, and could play for Team Canada," he said. "I started dabbling more in music and decided to pursue that."

As for which lifestyle he prefers, it wasn't much of a contest. "Oh man, music," Kakaty quipped. "Athletes gets paid more, but rock stars have the great life!"

He does confess to being a lifelong Detroit sports fan, supporting the Red Wings, Tigers and Lions. Being a Lions fan can be a difficult endeavor, given the team's recent abysmal history. "Even though we're lamenting the last few seasons, it's a culture in Detroit," he explained. "You sat at home with your dad watching Barry Sanders, and now you get used to the losses. When the silver and blue hits the TV, it reminds me of Michigan."