Pop Evil are newly signed to eOne and will release 'War of Angels' on July 5th. Now happily free from their major label contract with Universal, the aggressive rock band plans to stay on the road for the foreseeable future. In fact, if it's up to singer Leigh Kakaty, Pop Evil will remain on the road for life!

"We're going to tour for the next five to 10 years, since if you take a break, you become irrelevant," Kakaty told Noisecreep. "There is so much competition without MTV to brand bands anymore. So we do it the old-fashioned way, which is to tour!"

For Pop Evil, touring isn't just about performing. The band makes a concerted effort to meet the people at their shows. "People don't support bands -- they support their friends when they come to see us," Kakaty said. "We want our fans to be our friends and to come out and hang out. Just today, a girl brought cookies to us on the tour bus. The lifestyle we try and bring reminds me of going out on Fourth of July picnics with family. It feels like that every day. We want to show our love back to them and to hang out with out fans as much as we can after every show. We want to remind them that they are not supporting a band, but their friends."

Since Pop Evil essentially live on the road, Kakaty confessed that his golf clubs are the one non-digital item he always brings on the road. "I am big golfer, but notice, I did not say I was good," he joked. "There's not much time to do it, but [we make time] in order to keep our sanity on the road. Since we don't get to be athletic since we are on the bus, playing video games, it's nice to get out and play golf and be active."

In addition to staying active, the members of Pop Evil also golf because they are competitive with one another. "We play not for money but for bragging rights," Kakaty said.

Fans should pop by the sporting goods store and pick up some golf balls for the Pop Evil boys when they see 'em on the road.

Watch the video for Pop Evil's '100 In A 55'

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