Pop Evil is about to hit the road with Judas Priest and Whitesnake. The band landed one of the summer's hottest tours thanks to relentless road work on their own behalf. The single "100 in a 55" is climbing the active rock charts and helping the sales of the Universal debut 'Lipstick on the Mirror.'

"The song is about hard work," Pop Evil lead singer Leigh Kakaty explained to Noisecreep. "A man who is working a 9 to 5 all his life and he's just trying to get by, to take care of his family. Being from Michigan, the economy is bad there. We have a lot of friends and family that are out of jobs and are struggling. In the video, we just wanted to show that. We just wanted to show that you can slow down and appreciate the little things and there are still positive things in the future to look forward to."