Modern grindcore titans Pig Destroyer got some serious exposure on the April 16 episode of Comedy Central's 'Workaholics.' The cult comedy show used Pig Destroyer's 'The Diplomat' as brutal background music while the 'Workaholics' trio annihilated a massive infestation of rats with ruthless aggression.

As metalheads, we all appreciate when an extreme act gets some respect from mainstream outlets. And it's very cool that Pig Destroyer's music has made it onto one of Comedy Central's most popular programs.

The 'Workaholics' trio, acting as self-professed "Rat Busters," unleashed hell on a ridiculous number of rodents while 'The Diplomat' set an ultra-violent backdrop. The utter insanity of the trio's rat killing spree is elevated by horror film-level gore, which is so absurd that the scenes go full circle from hysterical, brutal and back to hysterical.

Pig Destroyer implants an urge into the listener to destroy everything around them, so whoever picked 'The Diplomat' for the Rat Busters' official theme deserves four horns up.

Check out the brutal 'Workaholics' scene in the video above!