Pig Destroyer are known for crushing grindcore, delivering doses of aggression in short bursts. However, they show a different side on the upcoming EP 'Mass & Volume,' due to be released Oct. 14 via Relapse Records.

The songs on the EP were recorded a while ago as part of the sessions for 2007's critically acclaimed 'Phantom Limb.' The two heavy songs on 'Mass & Volume' slow down the tempo to a glacial pace and blend devastating doom with atmospherics.

The opening track 'Mass' clocks in at more than 19 minutes, while 'Volume' is about six minutes long. Contrast that to their latest album 'Book Burner,' which has five tracks less than 60 seconds long and another eight between one and two minutes in length.

Previously available as a limited time digital only release with all of the proceeds going to the family of former Relapse Records employee Pat Egan, who tragically passed away last year, it will now be available on physical formats for the first time. Pre-orders for 'Mass & Volume' are now available, which include CDs, LPs and various bundles. For all the details, go here.

The band currently has two shows on their concert calendar. One is Dec. 19 in Boston, and they play the following night in Philadelphia.