Grindcore specialists Pig Destroyer have released the new song 'The Octagonal Stairway' for free via the 2013 Adult Swim Singles Program, which constantly populates the world with good, gratis music. You can listen to and download the track ... if you dare.

The song will certainly grind your mind and pummel your brain with speed and efficiency. That's pretty much par for the course with Pig Destroyer. The band, based in our nation's capital, doesn't scrimp on speed … ever! And this free track is no exception.

Want to have some fun and scare all the little kids and the elderly folks in your neighborhood? Then crank this track at maximum decibels because it's frighteningly, terrifyingly fast and extreme. Have at it by listening here.

In other Pig Destroyer news -- not to be confused with Puig Destroyer, the baseball-themed grindcore band featuring Riley Breckenridge of Thrice fame -- the band appeared on a recent Decibel podcast, which you can hear at this location. Decibel traveled to Scott Hull's Visceral Sound studio and lived to tell about it.

The band will also play the Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, curated by Philip Anselmo, this October. There is certainly no shortage of Pig Destroyer activity right now.