Announcing that Pierce the Veil are about to hit the road is not necessarily news -- it's the San Diego foursome just doing what they do. Known for a grand show it's best to keep expectations high for these dates with Silverstein.

"Every time we play, we are trying to be the best live band that kids have ever seen," vocalist Vic Fuentes told Noisecreep back in May. "We put a huge amount of work and production into our live set, because it is truly our favorite thing in the world to do. We love it so much that we just wrote an entire new album based on playing live shows." That album is, of course, their sophomore release 'Selfish Machines.'

Without a doubt, Pierce the Veil will be playing to some new faces, as this tour is rounded out with a varied bill of Miss May I, the Chariot and A Bullet for Pretty Boy.

The Pierce the Veil tour dates won't start until Jan. 7, but until then, Pierce the Veil will be on the road with Attack Attack!