For most hormonal, red-blooded American males, being in a band is as much about the chicks who worship at your altar (aka the stage) as it is about making music. San Diego's Pierce the Veil are so loved by their throng of fans that they are the recipients of lots of fan-bestowed gifts -- and crotch grabs.

This ''Creep Show' episode opened with quite a musical intro, delivered by the band members themselves. Then, at the 12:30 mark, PTV talked about their generous fans. Drummer Mike Fuentes received penis-shaped Silly Bandz bracelets from 15-year-old fans. At 18:00, vocalist Vic Fuentes revealed he is touched in "not good ways," where fans reach up and rip his shirt and belt right off, while copping a feel of his package. Bassist Jaime Preciado, he of the good hair, sums it up perfectly, quipping that "I've seen girls get to second base with him without having a conversation!"

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At 19:47, Preciado said that a fan also told him it would be an honor if Preciado made out with his girlfriend. He opted for a compromise in the form of a hug, though. What a gent.

The ladies like PTV, though. Women show their boobies, want to make out with the members and molest them. Guitarist Tony Perry was also showered with affection of a different sort. Perry -- who earlier revealed his love of 'Star Wars' -- says that a fan brought him a bag of action figures at a show. Girls can leave their tatas in their T-shirts and refrain from grabbing his junk in favor of giving him 'Star Wars' figurines. True nerdom, indeed.

Gino DePinto, AOL
Gino DePinto, AOL

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