There's nothing cuter than watching a West Coast band battle the bitter chill of the East Coast while on tour in December. When Pierce the Veil descended upon the ''Creep Show' studio in late December, they were bundled up and missing their native San Diego and it's always beautiful weather.

In this ''Creep Show' episode, the band really let Noisecreep and fans in on 'their world.' At 14:28, PTV mused about the perfect weather in their native city. A minute later, they ponder their sports teams -- the hapless Padres and Chargers, who get "this close" and always come up short of the big win.

Watch Pierce the Veil's ''Creep Show' Episode


Gino DePinto, AOL

When they plopped down into a warm and cozy studio, bassist Jaime Preciado told us how he killed time in NYC by gorging on pizza, while drummer Mike Fuentes revealed that he watched a Manhattanite kicking moving cars.

Preciado's "effortlessly bedhead" hair was also a fun topic of conversation around 5:53 in. He actually let me touch it, while the band talked about how he looks like Corey Matthews of 'Boy Meets World' post-performance.

Fuentes' "beard" comes up at 22:10, and while we all joked that he looks so young and unable to even grow a beard, a few hilarious Chewbacca impressions ensued. This ''Creep Show' demonstrates that Pierce the Veil are as fun as they are talented.