When an artist's dad is Gregg Allman, it's not uncommon for fans (and haters) to assume that your getting attention because of your bloodline. But Layla Brooklyn, 16-year-old frontgrrl and synth operator for Northern California screamo outfit Picture Me Broken and the offspring of one Gregg Allman, doesn't waste time worrying about such nonsense. She is wise beyond her teen years, too.

"My band's music is so contrasting to the style of the Allman Brothers Band that the success cannot just translate over to me," the singer told Noisecreep. "When people automatically draw the conclusion that 'Allman' is responsible for my existence in the music industry, I tend to feel that they are ignorant in their assumptions. No 14-year-old kid in an Escape the Fate shirt at Warped Tour is going to care who my dad is, let alone be familiarized with his music or success. But that kid is a perfect example of an ingredient to our fan base. So unless these kids' parents are the one's supporting us at shows, on social networking sites and listening to our music, then we exist in an entirely different industry than my father's band which has not provided us with any advantages other than my musical DNA." Spoken like a girl who knows how to go after what she wants and get it, regardless of her legal last name!

Musically, Layla is not out to pander to trends or to make fast fans that'll fade away before the next album is released. "I don't write to people-please my way onto the charts," she said. "I'd rather break down barriers. I go for complexity, darkness and energy in my writing to dramatically oppose the lighthearted elevator music they play on the radio these days. Rock music isn't supposed to be non-threatening background music! It's supposed to get the lead out."

Even though she's not old enough to vote or drink in this country -- and while she's just old enough to have a driver's license -- Layla is adapting to the eat-its-young music industry well. What is the most valuable lesson she has learned so far? "Don't go on stage without in-ear monitors!"

Picture Me Broken's 'Dearest (I'm So Sorry)' is out now.