While there has been plenty of discussion in recent years about the possibility of reuniting Pantera, most of it has been centered on the living trio of members being joined by Zakk Wylde onstage. But with the advent of the Ronnie James Dio hologram hitting the road this year and a Frank Zappa hologram in the works, Philip Anselmo was recently asked by Metal Wani (heard in the player above) his thoughts on the possibility of playing with a Dimebag Darrell hologram.

The vocalist was a bit apprehensive, stating, "It would have to be right. I think everybody's heart would have to be in the right place, and I'm talking about the guys in the band. And it would have to be done right. There's no way we could skimp on something like that."

He continued, "If we were gonna do a hologram of Dimebag, it would have to be flawless and it would have to be perfect, just like he was every fucking night, man. No matter how piss-ass drunk he would be, once that guitar was in his hand, he was a machine, man. So it would have to be perfect."

Anselmo also stated that he's torn when it comes to the idea of revisiting Pantera in general. While he has previously stated that he would do it for the fans, from a personal standpoint it is a difficult decision. "Yes, it would be a big deal," stated Anselmo. "It would be emotionally big, is what I'm getting at. I'm not talking about the size of shows, I'm not talking about the impact or anything like that, I'm talking about actually going out on that stage with the band name, the backdrop just giant reading 'PANTERA' and not seeing my brother Dimebag across from me on that stage, it would be absolutely ... it seems invalid to me right now. I'm not seeing it. I'll admit it — I'm straight-up torn; I'm confused on the topic."

Anselmo remains quite busy this year, supporting the latest album from his Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals project.

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