Philip Anselmo is about to release his solo debut 'Walk Through Exits Only' on July 16, which he will tour behind while backed by his band The Illegals. The solo effort is his focus, but he also has other metal irons in the fire. He revealed what's up with Down and their planned EPs and confirmed the inactive status of another project, Arson Anthem, featuring Eyehategod vocalist Mike Williams.

Anselmo first explained why he chose to do a solo album now. The answer is simple: Why not?

"You gotta look at circumstances. The question could be, 'Why not? Why not do it now? Why wait?,'" the singer told Revolver. "Down has wrapped up its touring cycle for the last EP. So for me, right now is perfect. The timing works well. So to answer a question with a question: Why not? I am 45 f---ing years old. I ain't getting any younger, might as well do it now."

Speaking of Down, the band has designs on hitting the studio in the fall, with its eyes fixed on an early winter release of a new EP. It would follow 'Down IV Part 1 - The Purple EP,' which was billed as the first of four. Part 2 appears to be well underway. "We've already begun material for the next EP in the works, heading into the studio to work on it this November in the fall," the singer said. "I think the next EP will be coming out within the first months of 2014."

That's certainly enough to fill his plate and keep him busy, in addition to making metal fans feel sonically satisfied. He did confirm that Arson Anthem are inactive and that may be their permanent status.

"It was fun to do while it lasted," the frontman said. "Once again, gotta look at the circumstances. Arson's singer also sings for Eyehategod. I know they have a tour coming up lasting them a few weeks. Then they're also are tracking their new album in the studio over here, so hopefully there's a great chance at mixing and being a part of that record. Arson was one of many side projects I had done, but as of right now, naw."

So the file is closed on Arson Anthem … for now. Meanwhile, Anselmo has plenty on his plate with his solo album, the upcoming Housecore Horror Film + Music festival and his continued label duties with Housecore Records. Plus, he's about to hit the road on the 'Technicians of Distortion' tour. For more info on the trek, click the button below.