Periphery drummer Matt Halpern (far right in the photo above) recently announced that he's partnered with Mapex drums to put together a tour of drum clinics. These clinics will give fans a chance to learn some valuable tips and tricks from one of the most hard-hitting and talented drummers playing metal today.

The Mapex Groove drum clinic tour starts Sept. 18, and it continues through the rest of the month, until Sept. 26. Fans and aspiring drummers also have the chance to book a personal, one-on-one lesson with the Periphery drummer before each show. The booking for private lessons before each clinic is handled through Halpern's educational website Bandhappy.

Halpern is no stranger to drum clinics and educational sessions. He's been giving drum lessons for some time now, and he's gone on the road teaching his techniques several times before. Mapex has a handful of videos on its YouTube channel of Halpern performing at different clinics from the past.

“I teach a lot, and a lot of my students want to learn about the performance aspect of drumming, not just the techniques, or the background of playing the songs or the rudiments, which is all very important,” the drummer said in a video interview with Mapex. “But something I really like to teach is performance, and being able to free up your body, and free your mind, and just be able to sink into the drums and let that natural energy come out.”

Halpern stated that Bandhappy really pushes live lessons, and emphasizes discussing and covering live playing with its students. He went on to say that, while practicing alone to hone one's skills is important, ultimately, it's all about the live performance. “But I think you need that balance of doing that, being prepared, so that when you do have that opportunity, you can really take advantage of that opportunity,” he stressed. “Get out there and play.”

Periphery hits the road in October. For tour dates and band news, visit the band's Facebook page. For Mapex drum clinic dates and details, visit Modern Drummer's website.

Matt Halpern Drum Clinic Tour 2013

9/18 -- Towson, Md. -- Mid Atlantic Drums
9/19 -- Wilmington, Del. -- Accent Music
9/23 -- Columbus, Ohio -- Columbus Pro Percussion
9/24 -- Florence, Ky. -- Willis Music
9/25 -- Aurora, Ill. -- Hi Brothers
9/26 -- Chicago, Ill. -- Vic's Drum Shop