We know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect horror movie to watch on or around Halloween. With so many classics, it can be nearly impossible to decide. But, the perfect scary movie for fans of metal actually exists, and it's called Deathgasm.

In the same vein as the classic Evil Dead, the 2015 New Zealand horror comedy is full of campy quips and lots and lots of gore. Plus, it's metal. The soundtrack features Emperor, Ihsahn and Midnight just to name a few.

Not to mention, the film is the point of origin for a metal meme that you've definitely seen a million times.

So, if you're looking for something to watch this spooky season and love metal and gore, we'll break it down from what the movie is about, what people thought of it and even explain that infamous meme.

Let's start with the trailer.

Deathgasm Official Trailer

What is Deathgasm About?

Brodie is a metalhead sent to live with his religious aunt and uncle (he describes them as "balls deep into Jesus") and douchebag jock cousin after his drug addict mom is institutionalized. He's not exactly fitting in when he meets Zakk, a fellow metalhead, at the local record store (obviously) and they start a band with two other outcasts (obviously).

Brodie and Zakk break into a creepy house (normal teenage stuff) and come out with some mysterious, ancient sheet music. Long story short, they decide to see if they can turn it into a song for their new band, Deathgasm, and they accidentally summon a demon and bring on the apocalypse.

Their now possessed families and neighbors rip out their own eyes and become blood hungry demons that must be destroyed (with chainsaws, axes... sex toys). Will Brodie and his friends be able to stop the apocalypse? Do they even want to?

While anyone who loves campy horror can enjoy Deathgasm, there are definitely plenty of nods to fans of the metal genre. You know, jokes about tuning, references to Rob Halford, MetalBlade Records and Trivium posters... that kind of stuff.

Deathgasm Reviews

So what did critics and moviegoers think of the film?

Deathgasm got an 88 percent on the Tomatometer from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 66 percent audience score.

"If you see only one movie this year that climaxes with demon-possessed evangelical Christians being beaten into submission by metalheads wielding double-headed black dildos and flailing anal beads, well, obviously, Deathgasm should be it," a reviewer for the Austin Chronicle wrote.

"This is a defiantly, well, metal movie," wrote a reviewer for RogerEbert.com. "From a possessed human being bludgeoned with a sex toy to a guy whose head and spine are literally ripped from his body, there are a number of opportunities for the film’s fanbase to give devil horns to the screen. At its best, it’s like a Megadeth album cover sprung to life."

And one audience reviewer wrote, "Deathgasm is certain not to appeal to everyone and I don't think most non-metalheads would really enjoy it. But it does boast some solid characters and good practical effects for a low budget indie flick. I guess if you've ever wanted a hybrid of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Evil Dead you'll enjoy Deathgasm."

That Meme With The Metalhead and Normie Eating Ice Cream

Ever seen the meme of a guy in corpse paint sitting on a bench next to a pretty blond girl? Maybe it said "Do you like metal?" or had the characters labeled "MY TASTE IN MUSIC" and "ALSO MY TASTE IN MUSIC."

If you didn't know, the meme is from a scene in the movie Deathgasm, which you can see below. The clip does cut out the part where she hilariously goes through his CDs and discovers Anal Cunt, but you'll get to see her reaction to hearing metal for the first time instead.

Deathgasm - 'Do You Like Metal?' Clip

Where Can You Watch Deathgasm?

If you're convinced and want to give Deathgasm a watch you can buy ($13.99) or rent ($3.99) it on Amazon's Prime Video here.

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