The day is almost upon us, with Pentakill's sophomore set, Pentakill II: Grasp of the Undying, set to arrive tomorrow (Aug. 4). But just to whet your appetite a little bit, there's a new Pentakill video to check out, as well as a full-on Pentakill playlist highlighting songs from the new disc.

Pentakill are a music-meets-gaming crossover, with a number of metal vets helping to provide music corresponding with the action taking place in the League of Legends international gaming community. The new "Mortal Reminder" video that just arrived is a peek at the live musical carnage taking place in Bandle City, recorded in the catacombs of the Shadow Isles. Jorn's Jorn Lande takes the vocal lead on the track, which also features assistance from F.A.M.E.'s Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra and Choir. Check out the clip above.

The Pentakill band lineup includes Karthus, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Sona, Vorick and Olaf, but digging deeper into the credits you'll see such names as Nine Inch Nails vet Danny Lohner, Xerath's Mike Pitman and Richard Tomson, Battle Beast's Noora Louhimo, Ureas' Per Johansson, the Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland, Redemption's Smiley Sean and Motley Crue drum legend Tommy Lee making contributions to the disc.

The band's debut disc, Smite & Ignite, cracked the Top 40 at Billboard and hit No. 1 on the iTunes Metal and Rock charts back in 2014. Now the band is ready to see how their sophomore set fares. Pentakill II: Grasp of the Undying arrives tomorrow (Aug. 4). Stay up to date on all things Pentakill and League of Legends right here.

Check out Pentakill's Pentakill II: Grasp of the Undying Playlist


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