The clock keeps ticking for Pearl Jam. Late last week, the band started a countdown clock on their website that finally revealed the group's long-rumored fall North American tour dates. But the ticking away of time hasn't stopped there as a second countdown is now underway on the band's website.

This one will run out on Thursday (July 11) afternoon, leaving fans to speculate what the next major announcement will be. Most are assuming it will be the debut of their new single, widely reported to be titled 'Mind Your Manners.' In late May, an industry site posted a July 16 release date for the track, so if the new song does surface it would be earlier than the initial estimation.

The other possibility is that Pearl Jam will reveal the full album details surrounding their upcoming release. The group started the process on their new album in 2012, but took a lengthy break before finally finishing the effort with producer Brendan O'Brien earlier this spring. Several of the band members hinted at a timeline for the disc in late 2012 and early 2013, suggesting that it could be anywhere from late fall 2013 to the first quarter of 2014. With the album supposedly recorded, the band may be ready to unveil the details of their forthcoming release.

While plotting what Thursday's countdown will reveal, fans can also ruminate on another clue the band just dropped. A new logo has appeared on the band's website (as seen to the upper left). It is unclear what the white circular icon represents, but some have speculated it's part of the new album artwork. Stay tuned for Thursday to find out.

[Editor's Note: Pearl Jam offered a tweet Tuesday after the story was posted that gives another clue to the mysterious circle logo. Check it out here.]