Steven Tyler of Aerosmith flapped his gums recently and called KISS a "comic book rock band." Thems fighting words, and that type of trash talk didn't sit well with KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley.

The former American Idol judge told a Tampa radio station how he really felt about KISS, saying, "They've got a couple of hits, but they're more, they're comic book - you see them in their spackled faces. It is different - a Kiss lick, a Joe Perry lick - two different worlds, and sometimes depending on the time of day I get offended [by comparisons]."

Insulted to be compared to KISS? Really? Really.

Even though he referred to the band in less than complimentary terms, Tyler did go on to say that Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons are "beautiful people" on a personal level.

While on 'Rockline' last night (quotes courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock), Stanley offered his retort, saying that that the comparisons can come after both band's new albums land. "Maybe Steven's feeling a bit full of himself because he has an album coming out ... When the album comes out...let the music do the talking," he said.

KISS' latest album, Monster, is out now, while Aerosmith's Music From Another Dimension! drops on Nov. 6.

Stanley also stated that he believes Tyler is an elitist and has an uppity attitude concerning Kiss. When touring together back in 2003, Stanley said, "Steven insisted that they close the show. I really [didn't] care because one way or the other you have to come up onstage. He was looking down his nose a bit at KISS. Seeing him come onstage to an underwhelmed audience and [seeing] people walking out [made me smile]."

The KISS legend chalked Tyler's comments up to the singer being "over-enthused and needs a reality check."

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