Paul Stanley Still Feels Like a ‘Freak’
"I absolutely still feel like a freak. That's a state of mind. It has nothing to do with how much money you have or how successful you are," Paul Stanley tells Noisecreep.
The KISS vocalist/guitarist is referring to "Freak," a track he co-wrote with guitarist …
Paul Stanley, Steven Tyler Get Into a War of Words
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith flapped his gums recently and called KISS a "comic book rock band." Thems fighting words, and that type of trash talk didn't sit well with KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley.
The former American Idol judge told a Tampa radio station how he really felt about KISS, s…
KISS: Their Top 10 Deep Cuts
Men of my fathers' generation usually show mistrust in any guy that doesn't enjoy a good, stiff drink. For men of my age bracket the general rule is this: Never trust any male who didn't have a childhood obsession with KISS.
For many children of the seventies like me, KISS was the firs…
Rockers Who Look Like Grannies
Getty Images/Getty Images/Getty Images
Between them they've sold millions of records, graced the covers of thousands of magazines, and bedded some of the world's most beautiful women, but lately these guys look more like they'd be seen hanging out in a rocking chair than rocking out Ma…

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