Owl – the Los Angeles-based power trio fronted by The Cult bassist Chris Wyse – will be releasing their sophomore album, The Right Thing, on April 9.

Rounded out by drummer Dan Dinsmore and guitarist/vocalist Jason Achilles Mezilis, Owl specialize in a straight-forward and explosive brand of songwriting that could easily find its way into the heart of any classic rock fan.

"We were an unstoppable force in the studio," says Wyse, who also sings in Owl. "This album is heavy and bombastic, and is our unorthodox ode to rock." The Right Thing also features a guest performance from drummer Johnny Tempesta on the percussive track, "All Day." Metal fans know him from his prior work as a member of White Zombie, Helmet and Exodus, plus his current gig as Wyse's bandmate in The Cult.

Noisecreep has partnered with Owl to present the exclusive premiere of the cover art for The Right Thing, plus its track listing!

"The cover art was chosen specifically for its abstract nature, as it reflects the album well by combining a modern feel with an artistic edge," Wyse tells Noisecreep. "We shot the image from many angles in order to capture a unique perspective, so you can interpret it in a few different ways. We wanted to make the viewer take a few looks to understand that the artwork is of an owl since our music, too, has nuances that become more apparent upon multiple listens."

The Right Thing hits stores on April 9 via Overit Records.

The Right Thing track listing:

1. Destroyer

2. The Right Thing

3. Give

4, Rover

5. All Day

6. Signs Of Life

7. Send

8. Perfect

9. Taking Over

10. Mouse

11. Eleven

12. Don't Know What You Got