Fans of old-school, no-nonsense thrash metal should definitely know and love this week's ''Creep Show' guest artist, Overkill frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth. For almost 25 years now, he, bassist D.D. Verni and whatever drummer and guitarists they've got behind them, have been cranking out consistently pummeling albums at the rate of about one every 18 months and touring to a loyal legion of unwavering metal followers -- many adorned in the band's classic 'F--- You' T-shirt.

On Jan. 29, Overkill will release their 15th full-length studio album, 'Ironbound,' the first in the band's new deal with E1 music, home of Hatebreed and Satyricon, among others. That's pretty big news for sure, but even if the band was without a label deal and had to book shows at Walmart parking lots, we would still be grateful for an in-studio appearance from Ellsworth. After all, this is the dude who helped put New Jersey on the thrash metal map, and whose band conceived a skull bat logo a full 15 years before Avenged Sevenfold adopted a similar one.

During our interview segment with Ellsworth, the vocalist who can shatter camera lenses with a single, shrill shout, talked to us about the making of 'Ironbound,' the resurrection of thrash and the longevity of Overkill. In addition to sitting still for the full interview, Ellsworth joined the esteemed ''Creep Show' panel -- Seth Werkheiser, Jon Wiederhorn, Amy Sciarretto and Chris Harris -- to talk about the latest news and newest album releases. You can catch it later this week on the ''Creep Show.'