There was a time when Iron Maiden's album The Number of the Beast and its title track filled Christians with dread and confused music fans into thinking the band members were Satanists. It took Maiden a little while to overcome the stigma, which is hard to believe today since that song is now a staple of the NWOBHM and the Christian community haven't bothered Maiden in decades.

In fact, some devoutly religious folk even celebrate the mighty Maiden. Recently, two Orthodox Christian monks performed the band's ballad "Wasting Love" (which appeared on 1992's Fear of the Dark) and posted it online via Headliner Magazine. The acoustic strumming, Christ-loving Maiden fans are Peter and Teofil and they reside in the Tuman Monastery in Eastern Serbia.

The two performed the song and filmed the clip on the Monastery grounds, which begs a couple questions. Since when are musicians allowed to play anything on Monastery property, let alone shoot video? And how did they manage to get the performance posted on YouTube?

The Tuman Monastery was constructed in the 14th Century and is in a village called Snegotin. The name "Tuman" is from old East Slavic languages and is translated as "mist" or "fog."

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson would surely be flattered or at least amused to hear the Orthodox cover, but these days he's busying himself with something a bit more combative. Through the end of the month, the vocalist will be narrating the web program World of Warplanes for The company also put together a tribute video of Maiden's "Aces High," using both shots from their video games and archival footage.

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