Of Mice and Men

Killer Lyrics: This is not what it is, only baby scars / I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side

Southern California screamo-metal band Of Mice & Men are making their Rise Records debut with their self-titled album. They posted lyrics to two of their songs from the album -- the words above come from the song 'Second & Sebring' -- and both read more like poetry contest entries than words to a metal-based song -- a unique contrast to Austin Carlile's ferocious screams.

'Second & Sebring' paints a picture of a band leaving home for touring life, a subject about which Carlile would be well-equipped to address -- their ambitious show schedule can attest to that. The song's title may be an actual address of one of the band members' homes or their practice space. There is imagery strongly suggesting a parent or a loved one that has passed on, and the music the band creates and the struggle to survive in the industry is in memory of them.

The band is touring all of March throughout America in support of 'Of Mice & Men'.