Formed in Baltimore in 2008, Octaves deliver a frenetic, chaotic and always intense take on hardcore. 2010 saw the group release their critically acclaimed debut album Greener Pastures. After touring the record for the next couple of years, Octaves brought in new guitarist Andrew 'Roo' Russell in the summer of 2012. Russell's inventive playing suited the group well and after initially struggling with the material for their sophomore album, Octaves hit a creative streak.

The fruits of their hard work is evident in Which Way the Wind Blows, their brand new album. Noisecreep has partnered with Bridge Nine Records to bring you a stream of the entire album.

"We spent the three years after our last record was released writing this one, so it's comprised of ten second riffs that were salvaged from 4 minute songs that got scrapped," Octaves vocalist Phil Fosler tells Noisecreep. "Lyrics written well before Greener Pastures was even released. Tracks that spent a year or more waiting for the right guy to add that second guitar. It reflects our influences and experiences and how they've changed over the years. I think if all the new tracks appeared on the record in the order they were written, the progression would be evident. We dig it. Maybe other people will feel that way, too."

Yeah, Phil. We dig it too.

Which Way the Wind Blows is out now via Bridge Nine Records. Buy a CD or the digital version directly from the label here for a low price.

Octaves tour dates:

4/20 Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar - WWTWB record release!

4/21 Pittsburgh, PA @ Kopec's

4/22 Evansville, IN @ The Hatch

4/23 Chicago, IL @ Gnarnia

4/24 Cedar Falls, IA @ TBA

4/25 St Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts Center

4/26 Springfield, MO @ Lemondrop

4/27 Kansas City, MO @ Vinyl Renaissance

4/28 Denver, CO @ The Moon Room

4/29 Fort Collins, CO @ The Black Sheep

4/30 Salt Lake City, UT @ Bar Deluxe

5/1 Boise, ID @ Android House Caldwell

5/2 Portland, OR @ Laughing Horse

5/4 Ukiah, CA @ The Alley Grill

5/5 Stockton, CA @ Plea for Peace

5/6 Redlands, CA @ Katz Alley

5/7 Lancaster CA @ Industry Theater

5/8 Las Vegas, NV @ The Cack Shaq

5/9 Mesa, AZ @ The Underground

5/10 Albuquerque, NM @ The Gasworks

5/11 El Paso, TX @ TBA

5/12 Fort Worth, TX @ TBA

5/13 Arlington, TX @ CD Warehouse

5/14 Conway, AR @ Sound Stage

5/15 Memphis, TN @ TBA

5/16 Nashville, TN @ The Owl Farm

5/17 Louisville, KY @ Spinelli's Downtown

5/18 Phoenixville, PA @ TBA

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