My mother sings when she's afraid of me because I hurt her more / More than the son, she sees it scares her half to death

If you watch a any horror movie made after 'Poltergeist,' there will most likely be a young actor filling a creepy kid role. The characters can range from someone with paranormal sensitivities, like 'Sixth Sense,' or the actual villain, like in 'The Ring.' If the child is young enough (and they usually are), there is probably a parent involved to a degree, and since rather unpleasant things happen in horror movies, the parent will end up crying or getting hurt as a result of their children.

Oceana's 'Motherlove,' off of their 'Birth Eater' release, might document the experience of something like this (many of the song titles reference family and childbirth imagery). Or it could deal with child abuse or general dysfunction, which can be horrific things in themselves. It's hard to say, but what I can say for sure is that my mother probably wouldn't be singing if she saw me crawl out of a television screen and kill someone.

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