Oblivion Myth guitarist Christopher Lucas Selby has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

According to a story on Blabbermouth, Selby, 27, was arrested on January 1.

A call was placed on Tuesday afternoon around 4PM, regarding a disorderly person at the Tulip Grove Apartments in Hermitage, Tennessee. The attending officer saw Selby as he approached the third story landing. Selby was arguing with Kelia Ramos on the breezeway in front of the apartment. The cop was walking up the stairway from the second to third floor when he witnessed Selby grab Ramos by her waist and attempt to push her over the railing.

The victim grabbed Selby's arms and exclaimed, "No, no, pull me in." She was hanging from the breezeway railing, about 45 feet from the ground, which forced the officer to draw his gun and order Selby to pull her up. He complied and was promptly taken into custody. He was booked on $100,000 bond.

Ray LeGrand, the frontman for the Nashville-based band, took to the bands social networks the following day to post an update about his shock pertaining to the situation that his bandmate is in.

"It is with absolute shock and disbelief that I find myself writing this statement.

"About 30 minutes ago my phone started ringing and numerous text messages came to me asking for comment on longtime Oblivion Myth guitarist Chris Selby. This was the first I or any other member of the band were made aware of the situation."

He also asked for privacy, with a promise of more information as it becomes available.

He wrote: "We will likely post an update as we learn more, but honestly, our information is the same as everyone else's right now. Thank God that this situation did not end any worse than it already is. Please pray for all those involved."

Founder and guitarist Keith Smith summed it up best, writing: "This is very heartbreaking. Oblivion Myth has faced challenges before, but none quite like this."

The band is moving ahead, though, refusing to cancel its appearance at the Sanctuary From the Streets benefit scheduled for February 15. Instead, Smith will cover Selby's parts as the band continues on as a four-piece.

LeGrand wouldn't go as far as to say that Selby was being dismissed from active duty or his position in the band.

He said, "This is not the time. Right now we are focused on what might happen with our brother and on keeping our commitments. Oblivion Myth will not stop, but for now, deciding Chris' role in the band is the last thing on our minds."

Selby's relationship to Ramos or the nature of their argument is not clear at press time.

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