We reported a few weeks ago that Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres launched his own line of BBQ sauces, which stemmed from his Southern upbringing and watching his grandfather cook. "I spent over a year developin' my original barbecue sauce, and it came out 'Rib'Licioius,'" Peres told Noisecreep. The sauce, dubbed T-Bone's Famous Original Rib'Licious Bar-B-Que Sauce, sounds mighty tasty, and Peres was gracious enough to suggest his favorite recipe for using the sauce!

"The barbecue sauce works well with pretty much any kind of meat," he said. "My favorite way is to use it as a dippin' sauce for pork spare ribs. Smoke some ribs at 225 for two hours, wrap 'em in foil for three more hours on the smoker. Then, as you eat 'em, dip 'em in the sauce and your mouth will water." He also said "make sure to use T-Bone's Famous 'Spicy Rub' on 'em ribs for 24 hours before you smoke 'em!"

Well, what are you waiting for? Start cookin'!