Want to get your blood pumping and to feel volts of adrenaline coursing through your veins? Then turn up the volume and listen to the brand new Norma Jean song 'If You Got It at Five, You Got It at Fifty.' The track is slated to appear on the band's next album, 'Wrongdoers,' out Aug. 6 via Razor & Tie.

The song is gnarly and is everything you expect from these metalcore stalwarts. You are treated to lots of chunky, dissonant riffs, vocals that scaled their way out of the darkest recesses of the underground and plenty of rhythmic chaos.

The song is only 2:19 in length, but the band gets a lot done in such a small allotment of time and space. Essentially, 'If You Got it at Five, You Got it at Fifty' unfolds like a street fight. It's quick, violent and will leave you struggling to catch your breath by the time the last note fades out. So, yeah, it's that good.

Remind us never to run afoul of frontman Cory Brandan. He's particularly on point and vocally vicious on this track.


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