You've read their posts, you've grumbled at their witty quips. Now here's your chance to see what those Noisecreep writers look like on camera and how they carry themselves in casual metal conversation. That's right, the premiere AOL Noisecreep Podcast, 'Creep Show,' is in the can and is ready for your viewing pleasure.

The show was taped Friday afternoon, and the participants -- under the influence of donuts and iced vanilla lattes -- waxed rhapsodic about the week's metal news, new releases and more.

The 'Creep Show' podcast was moderated by Noisecreep editor Seth Werkheiser, and the week's guests were Noisecreep news guy Chris Harris, and music journalists Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman. During the podcast, the panelists talked about whether Zakk Wylde will return as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist, why Aerosmith canceled their U.S. tour with ZZ Top, whether Elton John's guest appearance on Alice in Chains' new album will help or hinder the band and why it's better to close your eyes while watching Journey on their current tour.

The panelists also talked about why you should sell your gold cross necklace to buy a copy of Behemoth's 'Evangelion,' whether or not Swashbuckle should be forced to walk the plank and if Winds of Plague have more to offer the world than their keyboardist's T&A. Plus, they discussed metal old-timers and which Geritol-popping musicians can still rock a teenager's world.

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